Our Technology

Newspaper Clipping Solar thermal water heating is not a new idea. The thermal collectors have since been used in over a million different solar applications throughout Europe and the United States. In the last ten years the collector design has remained consistent and large scale manufacturing has made them affordable. Recently, in the last three to four years, solar panels have gained market share in United States.

Our solar thermal systems use solar panels to gather the sun's energy in the form of heat. Our collectors gather over 92% of the sun's incoming radiation. This heat is stored in a thermal mass such as water or some other medium. We then use this energy throughout your home or business as needed to heat domestic hot water pool or spa at one third the cost of a solar electric system.

Diagram The process begins when the temperature at the collector rises above the temperature in your thermal store. This triggers a small pump that moves the heat from the collector into your thermal storage mass. When your thermal storage is full or the temperature at the collector drops below the temperature in your storage tank then the pump is shut off. You now have a large mass of thermal energy that acts as a battery or reserve. The solar reserve allows energy to be spent well into the evening hours after the sun has set and into the next day.

A properly designed solar thermal system should be sized accordingly for safety purposes and to optimize efficiency. All of our systems are designed and sized to fit your specific application. These systems can be readily adapted to meet a variety of industrial and agricultural applications. Our solar systems have a life cycle of about thirty years, with periodic inspection you can assure your system is performing optimally. Solstice Solar Systems Inc. along with our partner American Solar Living of St. Louis, MO. provides unmatched support and in depth maintenance training at no cost. You can take comfort knowing your solar system is supported by the industries best engineers and installation technicians.
"I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I just hope we don't run out of coal and oil before we have to tackle that."
- Thomas Edison (1931)