Flat-plate Collectors

What We Do
Solstice Solar Systems Inc. is a provider of the latest solutions in solar thermal energy generation and utilization. We specialize in energy saving solutions for residential applications. Our solar thermal systems are the most cost effective option in renewable energy production and storage. We offer solar thermal consultation, design, and installation services. This advantage allows us to seamlessly manage your next solar project from start to finish.

Sustainable Energy
In our world, being energy conscious means more than just going through the motions of token recycling. Our current means of energy production forces consumers to consider new technology. Through efforts like Solstice Solar Systems, we can help future generations prosper while also having access to clean energy needed to run their homes and business.

A National Solution
Energy is a vital part of every home and business operation. Our current means of creating energy is the largest contributor to high CO2 levels in our atmosphere. By reducing the amount of energy your home or business pulls from electric or gas you are significantly reducing your carbon footprint. As a nation we must look toward new sources of energy to reduce our dependency on foreign markets and increase our national security. Renewable energy markets within the United States hold the key to unlocking our economic engine and protecting ourselves from rising oil cost. This movement towards a "sustainable" lifestyle is beneficial for all involved and Solstice Solar Systems is proud to be part of a National Solution!
"The energy available to man limits what he can do and influences what he will do" W. Fred Cottrell (1955)
- Energy And Society